GAINESVILLE, GA – For the first time this year, all 10 car segment types increased in value over the past week, according to Ricky Beggs, Black Book VP and managing editor.

Entry mid-size cars led the way with an $88 increase, one of a total of six car segment types increasing by $50 or more for the week. This marked the third consecutive week where the average car segment change was positive, coming in at plus $48 the past week, Beggs said.

“With comments like ‘it was retail at the wholesale auctions’ coming from a dealer at an east coast auction site, all across the country to the west coast the market was described as ‘cars are going up rapidly, while trucks are easing down slowly.’ These comments really are reflected in the actual auction results and adjusted Black Book values,” according to Beggs.

There were mixed trends in the 14 truck segments, with the two segments with the strongest values coming from the full-size crossovers up by $54 and compact crossovers up by $45. “These functional vehicle types, with very acceptable fuel economy levels, continue to attract attention on the auction lanes,” Beggs noted.

At the opposite end of the adjustment levels, full-size SUVs declined by $35 and full-size pickups were down $25. Overall, the average change for the truck segments was a positive $12 for the week, the first time in the previous six weeks the trucks have trended upward. This past week eight of the 14 individual truck segments increased, supporting the overall positive change.

Beggs said Black Book will report any possible change in the market resulting from the earthquake in Japan. “The potential widespread effects for new car supply, transaction values, and used car demand for both Japan based manufacturers and domestic models, due to vehicle and part availability, is yet to be determined.”