SAN ANTONIO – Sparkling City Auto Auction of San Antonio announced that it has been chosen by Santander Consumer Services to host a promotional sale on March 22. Sparkling City Auto Auction of San Antonio opened in November of 2010 and is owned by the Walker family, which also operates Sparkling City Auto Auction of Corpus Christi.

"We are very pleased to schedule this special promotional sale for Santander Consumer at our new auction facility in San Antonio," said auction general manager Ashley Walker Dietze. "We are one of only three auctions in the nation to be chosen by Santander for a spring promotion, and our customers are eagerly looking forward to event. We expect to feature approximately 100 cars and trucks from Santander that day…and an overflowing crowd to bid on them!"

Dietze explains that all dealers buying from Santander on March 22nd will enter a drawing for a new "Texas Caddy", a fully equipped golf cart that is already on display in the auction lobby. The auction will also host a Texas Barbecue on the day of the promotion.

"You can't miss the Texas Caddy when you enter our auction lobby, and it's creating a lot of buzz among our customers," said Dietze. "Like so much of the rest of the country, we've had our share of cold weather, ice and snow. I think the Texas Caddy makes everyone yearn for the warmer days of spring and the chance to enjoy being outdoors again. From what I'm hearing, Santander's lane will be full of enthusiastic dealers who are eager for a first look at Santander's inventory and a chance to win the Texas Caddy!"

Sparkling City Auto Auction of San Antonio holds a weekly consignment sale on Tuesday at 11:00. Since opening just three months ago, the auction has received rave reviews from customers who single out the facility for its superior customer service. The auction reports increases in consignments every week, from new and used car dealers as well as regional bank and finance accounts. The most recent addition to the auction's sale day lineup is consignment from ARI.

"We're the first sale of the week for dealers in our region, and our attendance is growing by leaps and bounds every week, in spite of the fact that weather has made travel difficult," said Dietze. "We continue to hear how much our customers appreciate our friendliness and our attention to detail and personal service. Those are the qualities that have made our auction in Corpus Christi successful, and we're happy to bring that auction environment to San Antonio."