PORTLAND, OR – The Dealer Rewards Program was launched at Brasher's Portland Auto Auction on February 3. The program kick-off coincided with a big jacket giveaway that tied in directly with the new program.

"We're all really excited about the new Dealer Rewards Program here at Brasher's Portland Auto Auction" said auction sales manager Rob Wassom. "We wanted to find a way to reward a dealer's activity at the auction and to promote loyalty at the same time, and we think the Dealer Rewards Program is a great way to do just that, all year long."

"We'll be rewarding our dealers for what they already do best: consigning, buying and selling vehicles at our weekly auto auction," explained Wassom. "We issue a Rewards card to each dealership that wants to participate in the program, and following each sale event, points will be posted to the dealer's account for all his activity that day. Those points in turn can be redeemed for a variety of auction-related items, including auction services, merchandise, fees, and rebates for hotel and travel expenses. "

"It's all as easy as a swipe of a card," said Wassom, noting that dealers can check their point balances quickly and easily at a kiosk located in the lobby of the auction. They also receive a statement from the auction once a month detailing their account activity.

Brasher's Portland Auto Auction holds two sales events every week: it's New Car Feature Auction on Tuesday at 1 pm, and its regular consignment auction on Thursday at 9 am.

Established in 1993, Portland touts a mature market base, aggressive management and sales staff and the best reconditioning in the Northwest. With Brasher's state-of-the-art technology, market returns are maximized both in the lanes and on the internet. The auction also participates in Auction Pipeline, where customers may view detailed condition reports, market report information and participate in online sales.