ATLANTA – Manheim recongizes its partner Prestige Management Services of Ramsey, N.J. – the top volume dealer seller group on in 2010.

A 40-year-old company, Prestige currently operates seven dealerships in the tri-state area with customer service as a hallmark of its success, according to the company. With a new generation of customers driving change across the automotive industry, Prestige has kept pace, ensuring its dealerships offer customers the best inventory at competitive prices due to the company’s strategic use of online resources.

“We understand that to be successful in the current remarketing cycle, online auctions must be a key component of your business plan,” said Chris Turner, vice president, Prestige Management Services. “At Prestige, we’ve found that partnering with provides the most efficient solution for both our team and our buyers.”

The Prestige group was the top volume dealer seller group on in 2010, with 1,519 units sold to 368 buyers across the U.S. and to 19 buyers in other parts of the world. In addition, Prestige had the highest dealer sales percentage of all dealers using this past year, which allowed the management group to enjoy a 3.67 percent lift over floor price.

As a further indication of how popular online auction services have become, Prestige was notable in that the group secured more than 58,000 views of its 1,600+ vehicles listed through in 2010. The company averaged 34.5 views per vehicle, with 368 unique U.S. buyers from 36 states.

Among the many reasons Prestige has found success with its online efforts is that the group aggressively pursues bids during and after a sale, establishing their presence and desire to sell from the opening bell. Notably, they review every offer and typically send counter offers. With those in hand, the team works with the seller and takes counter offers back to Prestige.

“The Prestige group has established the benchmark for all dealer groups in the country,” said Nick Peluso, senior vice president, customer management, Manheim. “They price at market, the car is always available, and they stand behind their sales. The result of all the company’s effort is more viewers looking at Prestige vehicles than any other dealer group in the U.S., as well as a strong pipeline of loyal, repeat buyers. We work with multiple dealer groups from coast to coast, and I can easily say Prestige is the best at what they do.”