FLINT, MI - They're no strangers to the challenges of winter weather, but the lot crew at Flint Auto Auction braved an unusually bitter storm in early February in order to get the auction ready for sale day.

Facing howling winds, driving snow and bitterly cold temperatures, the employees at Flint Auto Auction succeeded in clearing the lot and running more than 1,200 cars and trucks through the auction lanes on Wed., Feb. 2, to the amazement and applause of the hardy customers who battled the storm themselves to attend the sale.

"Preparing the auction for the sale on the 2nd was an amazing accomplishment, that stretched the limits of even the hardiest and most experienced members of our crew," said auction owner Bill Williams, Jr. "They say that the test of a person's strength only comes in the face of great challenge, and this storm was definitely a challenge of epic proportions. We appreciate all they did to bring the cars out of the cold and into the auction arena!"

On the day of the sale, Flint received nearly a foot of snow. Steady winds of 20 mph blew the snow into drifts, with gusts reached speeds of 35 mph. The high for the day was 23 degrees.

"We ran 1,281 vehicles through the lanes that day, and sold 428. It was a superhuman effort on the part of everyone involved--including the dealers who came to sale--considering that the weather shut down the rest of the city that day!"

The following week, the auction staff was relieved to see sunshine, although the temperature reached only 16 degrees by the start of the sale

Flint Auto Auction has been serving dealers since 1953. Located north of the Detroit metropolitan area, Flint Auto Auction serves dealers in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and beyond. In addition to dealer auctions, they also provide reconditioning, body and mechanical repair, marshaling and inspection services. More information on Flint Auto Auction can be found at www.flintaa.com.