TORONTO, CANADA – OPENLANE, Inc., an online auction company in North America for automotive dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles, announced a partnership with Boost Media Solutions, a Canadian syndicator of used-vehicle inventory, to offer dealers throughout Canada a new option for listing aged inventory online for a faster, more efficient time to sale.

Boost provides dealers the tools and information to optimize their used vehicle business online, including inventory tracking, vehicle syndication, customized reporting, and detailed photographs of each vehicle listing. The integration with OPENLANE will allow Boost users throughout Canada to easily list their wholesale vehicles on, marketing them to a nationwide audience of franchise and independent dealers, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, according to OPENLANE.

“Boost is the first in Canada to partner with OPENLANE to provide dealers with a more efficient way to sell their vehicles simultaneously from the lot and online,” said Greg Connor, executive chairman, Boost Media Solutions. “This partnership is a win-win for dealers because they gain both local retail and nationwide wholesale exposure for their vehicles, increasing the chance of faster sales and lowering both depreciation and transport costs to and from physical auctions.”

Dealers who list through Boost and OPENLANE will now be able to market wholesale vehicles directly to other dealers from the convenience of one integrated platform. Listing the vehicles online provides maximum exposure because dealers can retail the vehicles at their dealership while starting the wholesaling of vehicles simultaneously, saving money and time to sale. Vehicles can be listed online at OPENLANE’s Open Auction in a single click, and all online inventory can be managed from a central location. In addition, OPENLANE provides a complete set of value-added services to dealers that make the end-to-end buying and selling process easier and more seamless including payment processing, ownership transfers, arbitration and transportation.

For dealers who are new to OPENLANE, Boost staff will assist them in listing vehicles to and posting pricing and vehicle information to the system. Dealers will be able to transfer inventory from Boost’s WSS to OPENLANE in a single click, using a single sign-on, making the process as seamless for dealers as possible.

Special Promotional Incentives

OPENLANE and Boost are currently offering two special incentives to dealers who use the service. For dealers who use the service, Boost will waive the regular $29/month or $250/year wholesale function fees for listing on OPENLANE. Also, the current gift card incentive has now been extended to the end of January. Dealers who use Boost’s WSS to list inventory on will receive a $100 VISA gift card for the first vehicle they successfully sell or a $200 VISA gift card if they sell two vehicles until January 31st, 2011.