IRVINE, CA - Kelley Blue Book (, a provider of vehicle values and forecasts, announced the availability of its 2011 Residual Analysis Report. Kelley Blue Book's residual values are a reflection of current vehicle data, market conditions for each vehicle, competition in each segment, expectations of the future economy and the combined experience of Kelley Blue Book's team of statisticians, economists and pricing analysts.

In 2011, Kelley Blue Book analysts expect both the economy and the auto industry to recover at a snail's pace. The company forecasts that gas prices likely will remain stable over the next two years, with per-gallon prices ranging between $3 and $4. This projected stability in fuel prices and slow economic recovery will likely reduce the possibility of market variability and allows auto manufacturers to better manage their fleets.

Overall residual values for the industry have remained relatively stable. In 2009, the average vehicle was projected to maintain 34.1 percent of its original list price after five years of ownership. In 2010, the average projected retained value dropped slightly to 32.6 percent. There have been small gains in retained value in the last year, with the average 2011 model-year vehicle now expected to hold 34.0 percent of its original list price after five years, which can be attributed to wide swings in retained value in specific segments.

When reviewing the disparity between brands at the top of the 2011 Residual Analysis and the remainder of the list, Kelley Blue Book analysts found the gap between the top and bottom brands to be shrinking. Last year's list saw a gap of more than 22 percentage points between the brands at the top and bottom of the list. In 2011, the difference is now less than 17 percentage points. One cause for the narrowing gap between the top and bottom brands is the number of significant redesigns, facelifts and new nameplates entering the market in 2011.

Kelley Blue Book's Full 2011 Residual Analysis Report Includes:

  1. The 2011 Models with the Best Resale Value

  2. Best Residual Value Brands 2011 vs. 2010

  3. Best Residual Value Vehicles

  4. Forecast for residuals in the compact, subcompact and fuel-efficient vehicle segments

  5. Residual forecasts for hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles

  6. Analysis of domestic brand residual values

  7. Analysis of Korean brand residual values

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