CHERRY HILL, NJ – Subaru of America announced it has received four Residual Value Awards from ALG (Automotive Lease Guide). The ALG Residual Value Awards recognize the vehicles predicted to retain the highest percentage of original price after a conventional three-year period.

The company, which is enjoying record sales in 2010, won awards in several categories:

  1. Subaru Legacy -- Best Mid-size Car

  2. Subaru Forester -- Best Compact Utility

  3. Subaru Outback -- Best Mid-size Utility

  4. Subaru Brand -- Best Mainstream Brand

The Best Mainstream Brand is retained by Subaru following its nomination in 2009. The Subaru Forester now holds three consecutive ALG titles and the Subaru Outback is also a repeat winner. The two Subaru crossovers are joined as winners for 2011 by the Subaru Legacy sedan.

Award winners are determined through careful study of the competition in each segment, historical vehicle performance and industry trends. Vehicle quality, production levels relative to demand, and pricing and marketing strategies are among the key factors that affect ALG's residual value forecasts.

Tom Doll, COO for Subaru of America said, "These awards are a fantastic testament to the inherent value in Subaru products. Our combination of all-wheel drive, safety, reliability and value is unmatched in the industry and we thank ALG for their recognition of that."

Speaking of the winning Subaru products, Raj Sundaram, SVP, ALG said, "The latest Outback has been a huge success because it delivers exactly what consumers want in a crossover; the handling of a car combined with great utility and a spacious interior. The Forester offers a great mix of value, ruggedness and efficiency that continues to resonate with loyal buyers. With strategies to keep resale value strong, the Forester is the top compact utility vehicle for the third consecutive year. The Legacy has pulled off the impressive feat of ending the Honda Accord's three-year run at the top of the midsize car category. Market demand for the Legacy just keeps growing due to a fresh design combined with the all-wheel drive and turbocharged boxer engine for which the brand is famous, and the new model has commanded higher prices without the need for incentives."

Regarding the mainstream brand win, Sundaram said, "Subaru's superior quality and standard all-wheel drive inspire extraordinary loyalty among a customer base that continues to grow. Subaru has realized this growth without resorting to incentives and fleet sales, helping it to earn the top spot for mainstream brand the second year in a row."