GAINESVILLE, GA - Black Book editors adjusted an average of 1,930 vehicles each day during the past week, and as very similar to the previous week, just over 7 percent of the adjustments required a raise in the published value. The overall change of all the adjustments was also very similar to the previous week, this week at -$114, according to Ricky Beggs, VP & managing editor for Black Book.

The car segments continued to be the weaker piece of the market with all 10 car segments going down in value. There are two first time occurrences.

"This is the first week with four different segments declining in value for the same week at greater than $100," Beggs said. "The Premium Sporty Cars (PSC) at -$204 and the Prestige Luxury Cars (PLC) down $181 were joined by the Sporty Cars (ESC) declining by $121 and the Entry Mid-sized Cars (EMC) falling $102. The average change in the all 10 car segments also was a record decline for the year at -$105."

The truck segments, all of which declined with an average change of -$58, was consistent with the previous week decline of -$60. The largest declines for the week were -$148 for the Full-size Crossovers (FXU) and -$101 for the Full-size Pickups (FPT). There were three segments, the Mid-size SUVs at -$2, the Full-size Cargo Vans at -$7 and the Full-size Passenger Wagons at -$11, that reflected a stable market for those type vehicles.

"Let’s don’t forget the time of the year we are in and the typical reactions this normally brings to the market. At least for this year, the overall decline in values each week has been less than most previous years," Beggs said.