WESTCHESTER, IL - Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAA), a hybrid model salvage auto auction company and a wholly owned subsidiary of KAR Auction Services, Inc., announced the opening of its brand new, 35-acre facility in San Diego.

Located just two exits off the highway from the U.S.-Mexico border, this new facility will offer IAA buyers a convenient location to bid on and buy salvage vehicles. The IAA-San Diego branch also resides next door to its sister company, ADESA, who provide whole-car auctions. Combined, the two companies will be able to offer best-venue sales and diverse inventory selection to their ever-growing list of international buyers.

"With our customers in mind, IAA will continue to invest in facilities that are strategically located and offer the capacity to hold a large variety of salvage vehicles where buyers have a great number of choices," said Tom O'Brien, chief executive officer at IAA. "This new facility is state of the art and offers a more convenient location. We take great pride in listening to our customers who want IAA in locations that make it easy for them to preview, bid on and buy vehicles on-site. In recent studies, buyers said they want the choice of participating in auctions either in-person, or on the Internet. We value their freedom to choose. That's exactly why we will continue our investment in our hybrid bidding model which allows participation in both live auctions or simultaneous participation online. What's more, we offer a comprehensive approach to servicing our customers and that's one more reason we take great pride in our long-standing relationships with our buyers and vehicle providers."

IAA's mature global buyer base, which consists of automotive body shops, rebuilders, used car dealers, automotive wholesalers, exporters, dismantlers, recyclers, brokers, and where allowed, non-licensed (public) buyers, now have even more choices when it comes to the number of salvage vehicles to bid on and buy.

IAA's new San Diego facility mirrors the company's green philosophy with respect to the environment. When planning the new facility, the IAA team installed energy efficiencies throughout the permanent structure inside and out. Low-impact landscaping with a drip-system for irrigation and self-sustaining vegetation native to the area was planted. Interior lighting efficiencies were carefully planned and installed. And recycled concrete and asphalt were used throughout the new facility. IAA strives to conduct its business in an environmentally-focused manner.

IAA's San Diego branch is located at 2380 Britannia Boulevard. For more information, go to IAA's Branch Information page at iaai.com.