GAINESVILLE, GABlack Book announced the general availability of a new release of their iPhone Application — iUsedCar with VIN-Scan functionality. This new “Release” introduces integration of the device’s camera into the application as a “state-of-the -art” VIN Scanner. This new functionality, built with second generation scanner technologies, will allow users to access the value database on their device by simply scanning the vehicle barcode.

“Utilizing the new technologies available to us, our teams have developed Vin-Scan functionality with an extremely high degree of accuracy and reliability, virtually eliminating the excessive fail rates of past scanners and setting a new standard for performance.” said Tom Cross, President of Black Book.

This new release is available for both new and current users through the Apple® iStore. Retail and industry qualified Automobile Dealer only versions are available; the latter incorporating Daily™ value updates for the most timely and accurate insight available into the wholesale market.

Current users of the Black Book iPhone applications will be able to download this New Release from the Apple iStore at no additional cost.