MINNEAPOLIS - CarSoup.com announced that Carfax Vehicle History Reports are now readily-available to used-car buyers using its automotive shopping Web site.

CarSoup.com (www.CarSoup.com) automatically links Carfax Reports that dealers run to the vehicles they're listing for sale. With a single mouse click, CarSoup.com shoppers can view the full Carfax Report directly from the vehicle listing for thousands of cars and trucks to help make faster buying decisions.

"The combined power of CarSoup.com and Carfax enhances our customer experience and takes advantage of the fact that the majority of the dealers that utilize our site already subscribe to Carfax," said Larry Cuneo, President and CEO of CarSoup.com. "Having this information available for a large portion of the vehicles listed on our site will really enhance the ability for customers to research or sell a vehicle."

Including a Carfax Report as part of the vehicle listing allows dealers and private sellers using CarSoup.com to provide detailed histories of their vehicles from a trusted source. Buyers can instantly review the history information to make more informed decisions about their purchases. A logo and text indicator lets shoppers know if a Carfax Report is available for a specific vehicle. In addition, vehicles listed by dealers that have had only one owner are designated with a Carfax 1-Owner logo on the vehicle details and search summary pages.

"Carfax Reports are a staple of online vehicle listings, just like mileage, price and photos," said Dick Raines, president of Carfax. "Previous studies show that including a Carfax Report significantly impacts an online shopper's dealer choice and helps dealers sell cars faster. CarSoup.com is making it easy for automotive retailers to give shoppers the information they need to buy faster and with more confidence."