REDWOOD CITY, CA – OPENLANE, Inc., an online auction company in North America for automotive dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles, announced its continued momentum in bringing online solutions to the recovery sector with more than 80 recovery companies, representing hundreds of lenders and thousands of repossessed vehicles, having registered to sell on since the start of the year.

OPENLANE will be showcasing this growth and exhibiting with recently acquired subsidiary Recovery Database Network (RDN) at ARA’s 46th Annual Convention at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas through Saturday, October 2. At the convention, the company will launch a new Single Sign-On and Real Time Vehicle Listing feature for its Recovery Database Network (RDN) product, allowing recovery service providers to easily post cars to OPENLANE’s online auction in real-time and integrate existing lender accounts on both RDN and OPENLANE.

The Single Sign-On is a new product feature that further integrates the OPENLANE platform with RDN’s technology. RDN users will now see a new “OPENLANE” tab on the RDN Case Management page, and status updates to vehicles posted on the auction can now be viewed within the RDN software program. Lender accounts can be easily matched and integrated, providing easy access to critical information within either system. In addition, this new feature allows agents to push vehicles to OPENLANE in real-time, also triggering an automatic third-party inspection order.

“OPENLANE is leading the industry in bringing innovative remarketing solutions to the recovery industry,” said Zach Hallowell, Business Line Director, OPENLANE. “The introduction of our Single Sign-On feature for RDN, our participation at the ARA Convention and new incentive programs for ARA members continue the momentum we established during the past year. We look forward to bringing new remarketing opportunities to recovery service providers and lenders in the future.”

OPENLANE provides recovery agencies with a variety of innovative online remarketing programs for vehicle repossessions. Its acquisition of RDN in August, announcement of its recent partnership with MBSi Capital Corporation to integrate the OPENLANE platform with MBSi’s recovery management software, as well as

OPENLANE’s ongoing affiliation with ARA, have benefitted countless recovery agents and lending institutions across North America over the past year.

OPENLANE is proud to announce the 1st ARA Repossession Remarketer of the Year Award. The award recognizes outstanding remarketing efforts and achievements by a recovery agent or service provider remarketing recovered vehicles online directly from their location. The winner will receive a plaque in recognition of the award and a free year of access (for up to 5 users) to OPENLANE’s Recovery Database Network (RDN) for the period of October 2010-September 2011. OPENLANE is a lead sponsor of the ARA Convention and is working closely with ARA members to restore recovery agencies to their previous position as remarketing service providers to lenders.