MT. ARLINGTON, NJ - The IARA announced the August Roundtable Meeting in Denver set an all time attendance record with 163 attendees. Matt Marks, executive director, stated that “the strong attendance was attributable to the strength of the IARA Roundtable program content and the fact that the IARA is working closer with the NAAA on several industry issues, and recently a partnered with NAAA to help standardize the multitude of vehicle consignor programs. Direct involvement with industry issues is a strength of the IARA.”

Tim Martin, Senior VP and COO, Corporate Fleet Division, LeasePlan USA, stated, " By keeping the focus of the meeting content to topics of interest to a wide variety of consignors, I've gained a better understanding of where we as consignors have different needs and requirements for a service, but more importantly, how to work together to form a consensus that benefits us all and results in improved efficiency for the consignors and our remarketing partners.”

The next IARA meeting will be March 9-10 in Las Vegas at the CAR 2011 Conference.