Manheim has expanded its partnership with Wells Fargo Auto Finance by adding a new sale at Manheim Phoenix, the 15th Manheim location to feature top-notch Wells Fargo Auto Finance inventory. Strong sale results and customer service satisfaction at existing Manheim locations fueled the expansion.

“We chose to grow our partnership with Manheim in Phoenix based on a solid track record of sales success,” said Howard Segal, national remarketing manager, Wells Fargo Auto Finance. “Based on the first month of sales results at the new location, Manheim’s multiple sales channels and customer focus continue to yield a big – and immediate – return on investment.”

Both the inaugural sale at Manheim Phoenix on July 8 and the second sale on July 22 achieved solid results with high sales percentages as well as strong in-lane and online dealer participation.

“We love to be part of a good success story, especially one with continually new chapters like Wells Fargo Auto Finance’s,” said Nick Peluso, senior vice president, customer management, Manheim. “The addition of Manheim Phoenix is a win for everyone – including dealers who benefit from even broader access to pre-owned inventory from one of the leading consignors in the industry.”

Weekly Wells Fargo Auto Finance sales are held at Manheim Phoenix each Thursday at 9:30 a.m. Online buyers are invited to participate via Manheim Simulcast. To learn more about Manheim Phoenix and upcoming sales featuring Wells Fargo Auto Finance inventory, please visit