MINNEAPOLIS - AutoUpLinkUSA announces an exciting new partnership with OPENLANE, an online wholesale auction in North America for dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles. By joining forces with OPENLANE, dealers using AutoUpLinkUSA’s Internet Inventory Management (IIM) System will be able to seamlessly upload and list their wholesale inventory to OPENLANE’s online Open Auction (www.openlane.com), bringing their available units to a nationwide audience of more than 13,000 active and qualified buyers on a 24/7 basis.

This partnership represents an integrated wholesale vehicle management solution that leverages the excellent IIM system platform to give AutoUpLinkUSA dealers a quick and easy way to ensure that their wholesale inventory achieves the same kind of “virtual showroom” exposure that the IIM system already provides for retail vehicles. By loading wholesale units to OPENLANE’s Open Auction in real-time, AutoUpLinkUSA dealers ensure that their wholesale units have the best opportunity to sell quickly and turn into cash – faster!

“We’re proud to be the first online inventory management company to offer our customers this seamless, integrated solution to market their wholesale vehicle inventory to the widest audience possible,” says Ray Fenster, VP of Business Development, AutoUpLinkUSA. “OPENLANE’s Open Auction is probably the best online sales and purchase venue for a dealer’s wholesale inventory, so we couldn’t be more pleased to provide AutoUpLinkUSA dealers with such convenient access to this prime online marketplace.”

AutoUpLinkUSA’s in-dealership Market Partners can provide interested dealers with guidance on how to begin using the IIM system to list vehicles for sale on the OPENLANE Open Auction. Market Partners can also assist dealers with bidding for and purchasing vehicles from the OPENLANE Open Auction, which offers a choice selection of off-lease, fleet, rental, repo and dealer-consigned vehicles. Additionally, OPENLANE offers a broad range of post-sale services giving both buyers and sellers added confidence and convenience.

“At OPENLANE we’ve made it possible for dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles online efficiently and easily,” says Ed Berkowitz, Vice President, OPENLANE. “Integrating with great solutions providers like AutoUpLinkUSA means that all our dealers benefit with access to the most buyers and sellers, and to the freshest, greatest selection of wholesale vehicles anywhere.”

For additional information or to begin listing your wholesale inventory on the OPENLANE Open Auction, contact your AutoUpLinkUSA Market Partner, call (866) 949-9754, or e-mail sales@autouplinkusa.com.