BOCA RATON, FL - Black Book’s Online Division announced it is introducing a new product enhancement that boosts leads already coming from its Activator sales conversion tool by up to 30 percent. Activator’s Advanced Conversion Toolkit has been enhanced with the addition of Activator using new technology to generate high-impact pop-ups that give website shoppers incentives to get a value for their trades and make dealership appointments.

Conversion results to date show that, because these shoppers are seeking trade-in values, they are close to making a buying decision. Activator uncovers them, identifies them, allows the dealer to contact them and close the sale.

“Not being a fan of any pop-up advertising I was skeptical when testing the Black Book coupon, but because it is not pop-up technology I decided to give it a shot,” said Bear Goodman, eBusiness Administrator for Holmes Honda of Shreveport, La. “Almost immediately, our leads from Black Book doubled and the results were obvious.”

Black Book’s online products currently appear on over 7,000 dealership and manufacturer Web sites around the country. Activator has proven to increase leads coming from dealership websites by up to 50 percent with average closing rates of 15 percent. The 30-percent increase delivered with this “Advanced Conversion Toolkit” enhancement is in addition to Activator’s traditional results.

“We are very pleased with the increased success our customers are having with this new enhancement to date,” said Mike McFall, Black Book Division president. “Over a period of several months, our customers taking part in our initial pilot program experienced a significant lift in the number of Web site leads generated from their Web sites. When our customers are successful, we’re successful,” he concluded.