ATLANTA – From Seattle to Central Florida, Manheim locations and team members across North America were recently honored with awards from customers and partners, recognizing outstanding operating location performance, customer service, online results and reconditioning. In all, 18 Manheim locations, three individuals, and Consulting and Marketing teams received a total of 27 awards from the organizations.

“Manheim is honored to receive these awards from our customers and partners. Recognition from our customers is one of the greatest confirmations that we’re doing our jobs well,” said Nick Peluso, senior vice president customer management, Manheim. “One of our goals is to continually grow and strengthen our partnerships with our customers. Offering a variety of services and products that create efficiencies and ease in doing business with Manheim, as well as providing value to customers’ bottom lines are key components in a successful partnership.”

The awards, listed by awarding company, were presented as follows:


  • Manheim Portland: Auction of the Year, West Region

    Capital One Auto Finance:

  • Manheim Minneapolis: Auction of the Year, Midwest

  • Manheim Georgia: Auction of the Year, Southeast

  • Manheim Central Florida: Most Online Sales

    Chrysler Financial Canada:

  • Manheim Toronto: Platinum Pentastar Award, Tier I Auctions

  • Manheim Montreal: Platinum Pentastar Award, Tier II Auctions

    CitiFinancial Auto:

  • Manheim Portland: Top Auction, West Region

  • Manheim Kansas City: Top Auction, Central Region

  • Manheim Tampa: Top Reconditioning Auction

  • Manheim Tampa: Customer Service Award, Jay Davis

  • Manheim Fredericksburg: Top Outside Coordinator, Clide Garland

  • Manheim Consulting: Customer Service Award

  • Manheim Marketing: Customer Service Award

    Enterprise Holdings:

  • Manheim Dallas: Auction Achievement Award

  • Manheim Houston: Auction Achievement Award

    Financialinx Corporation:

  • Manheim Montreal: Auction Achievement Award

    General Motors:

  • Manheim Nashville: Auction of the Year

  • Manheim Arena: Operational Award


  • Manheim Orlando: Auction of the Year

    Regional Acceptance Corporation:

  • Manheim Central Florida: Auction of the Year

    Remarketing by GE:

  • Manheim Central Florida: Gold Award

  • Manheim Nashville: Silver Award, Southeast

  • Manheim Kansas City: Silver Award, Southwest

  • Manheim Chicago: Laurie Dobberphul Top Achiever Award, Mary Casey

  • Manheim Seattle: Above and Beyond Award

  • Manheim Las Vegas: Outstanding Promotion, West

  • Manheim Statesville: National Internet/Technology Award

    “From a broader perspective, these awards affirm that doing business with Manheim leads to a consistently excellent experience, be it online or in-lane at any Manheim location,” added Peluso.