REDWOOD CITY, CA – OPENLANE, Inc., a leading online auction company in North America for automotive dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles, has partnered with Carfax so that dealers can quickly and easily check a vehicle’s history before they purchase cars on OPENLANE’s open auction site. Dealers have one-click access to both Carfax Auction Quick Check and Carfax Vehicle History Reports directly through OPENLANE’s site.

“There are so many steps involved when purchasing a car and the more information that the buying dealer can access about the vehicle prior to purchasing it, the better,” said Daniel Farrar, CEO of OPENLANE. “By providing our entire dealer base, both franchise and independent, the ability to access Carfax Vehicle History Reports, we are providing dealers with access to more information about the vehicles and helping to make the entire transaction process even more seamless and efficient.”

Readily-available vehicle history information from Carfax through OPENLANE helps buyers at auction ensure they stock the right cars for their inventory and pay the right price. Carfax Auction Quick Check contains information that helps dealers make more informed purchases, such as branded titles, reported accidents, ownership history and more.

“There are many factors that we consider before putting any car on our lot – vehicle history is paramount,” said Geoff Bedine, Group 1 Automotive, Director of Used Vehicle Operations. “Having access to Carfax information through the OPENLANE Open Auction is a tremendous benefit that streamlines our auction buying process. Carfax Auction Quick Check helps us pinpoint the vehicles our customers want and cherry-pick the best of the best.”