MT. ARLINGTON, NJ – Kevin Brown, owner/general manager of the Missouri Auto Auction, was confirmed as ServNet's representative on the IARA Board of Directors.

Brown's career in the auction industry began in 2000, when he joined Missouri Auto Auction's sales team eight weeks after the facility opened in Columbia. His enthusiasm for the auction business grew as his responsibilities expanded. After his initial hire, he worked his way up through the auction ranks, becoming sales manager, general manager and buying into the company in August of 2007.

"The opportunity to serve on the IARA Board of Directors is an exciting opportunity for me," said Brown. "This is a fascinating, fast-moving business. I'm looking forward to stepping out into the industry to learn from the people who have so many years of experience as remarketers, as well as to share my perspective with them as an auction owner."

"The IARA is a tremendously valuable forum," Brown added. "It makes it possible for people from different segments of the industry to meet together to discuss the issues that affect us all, and work to enhance processes that will ultimately make a positive impact on the industry as a whole."

Brown praises a devoted, professional auction staff that makes his participation on the IARA Board of Directors possible.

"We have gone through a remarkable transformation since the Missouri Auto Auction opened ten years ago," said Brown. "Back in the early days it seemed like I had to be everywhere at once. But over the years we've added extremely talented, dedicated people to our organization who handle the details of our business with care. It's an awesome feeling to know that I have the staff to back me up when I'm attending industry activities."

Established in 2000 and owned by Kevin Brown and Gregg and Dagmar Boswell, the Missouri Auto Auction has seen exciting growth and expansion of the auction. The auction has over tripled in size from its humble beginnings as a 100+ vehicle per week sale. Missouri Auto Auction offers weekly dealer sales on Fridays and also conducts monthly heavy equipment sales for state and local agencies. Missouri Auto Auction operates under the Auction Pipeline technology platform, which delivers live auction lane bidding online, market reports of auction sale results and available inventory from independent auto auctions nationwide.