EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - GE Capital Fleet Services has announced its 2009 Remarketing awards including the the categories of National Operations, National Technology, Outstanding Promotion Event East, Outstanding Promotion Event West, Outstanding Promotion Event Canada, National Midmarket, and National Above and Beyond.

National Operations Award

Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction, Don & Darryl Devries. This Auction days to P/U are always within five days, and they always have the GE vehicles SFS immediately for next sale. They are the consistently excellent year after year and their returns are always amongst the highest nationwide.

National Technology Award

Manheim Statesville, Ken Phillips & Julie Jenkins. This auction consistently leads the country with on-line sales, week in and week out all Internet tools are used to promote GE vehicles online and weekly events. Year-to-date, 624 vehicles were sold online. The auction effort included everyone from all departments, including the Internet sales manager and the fleet/lease and marketing teams. Together they keep the spot light on the online buyers and GE.

Outstanding Promotion Event East

ADESA Cincinnati Dayton, Jeff Parker & Jay Smith. This auction pulled out all the stops for the 3rd quarter “Race to Give” promotion. A pre-sale auction was held prior to the GE run, consumer electronics such as iTouches, laptop’s, and Flat Screen TV's were auctioned to buyers with proceeds donated to a local United Way Charity, driving a significant amount of new buyers into the GE sale lane. In addition, elaborate lobby and lane decorations were displayed to market the events. As a result, the Average Gross Return to Black Book was 105 percent plus and the sale percentages were consistently above 85 percent.

Outstanding Promotion Events West

Manheim’s LasVegas, Vic Colosi & LaTanya McNeil. This auctions promotions events are ranked at the top for creativity fun and effectiveness in drawing buyers into the lanes. Some fresh out of the box ideas include guys kicking field goals while wearing women's high heel shoes, frog races in the lane, vats of green goo, singing contest, scavenger hunts, and dealers carrying eggs on spoons from their mouths in a race. Most importantly, the net sale results and sales percentage are exceptional at 101 NBB percent and 87 percent. In addition, this Auction has helped Remarketing by GE solidify some of its largest 3rd party service customers.

Outstanding Promotion Event Canada

ADESA Montreal, Rod Rocherfert. This auction continues to lead the way in Canada and has been a great best practice for auction sales in the States. From the minute a dealer walks through the doors at this auction they know GE is running it, with nearly the appearance of a factory account closed sale. Outstanding lane and lobby displays, effective dealer incentives, and an auction team with a can do attitude make this year’s recipient for outstanding Promotion Events Canada.

National Midmarket

ABC Bowling Green, Jeff Greer & Stanley Green. This Auction was given an opportunity to help GE grow its Service Business and develop a new market for its core fleet maturities in their area of the country. The fleet manager was instrumental in not only promoting the remarketing by GE brand, but also made sure he was able to back up the performance with operational excellence and promotions to make sales really standout. Year-to-date in 2009, more 700 service units were remarketed and the performance on the core assets exceed the neighboring markets a real win-win for GE core and service customers and the auction partner.

National Above and Beyond

Manheim Seattle, Julie Picard and Eddie Lafferty. GE had numerous nominations from the remarketing sales team, however, this year’s winner really stood out.

1) Lane position. Remarketing by GE starts in lane 1 a half-hour before any other consigners. All the ring men are in the lane promoting the sale and this is one of the best lane spots for remarketing by GE in the country.

2) This auction was instrumental in coordinating Remarketing by GE with their Remote State maturities, extremely difficult with a high level of follow up.

3) Recognized for some of the best promotions nationally …specifically leading the way with Go Green Cars events, postcard sales and Golf Promotions.

This Auction Partner consistently helped to promote to Remarketing by GE brand and deliver great results.