RENO, NV – Keith Lelux, owner and managing partner of the Charleston Auto Auction, steps down as ServNet's president after a two-year term of office. He hands the president's gavel to Jeff Brasher, owner and general manager of Brasher's Reno Auto Auction, at ServNet's annual owner and client meeting slated for early December in Southern California.

Lelux was elected ServNet's vice president in July of 2007, but assumed duties as president in December of the same year when Dave Zabel resigned the post upon the sale of his auctions. Lelux stepped into his presidential role as ServNet prepared to celebrate its 20th anniversary year with the charge from its members to develop a long-term strategic plan.

"Keith took the reigns as ServNet's president at a critical juncture in ServNet's growth," observed Pierre Pons, ServNet CEO. "Under his leadership ServNet grew in strength and stature, an accomplishment made all the more remarkable by the fact that we were facing such uncertainty in the marketplace because of the downturn in the economy. The ServNet auction owners owe him a huge debt of gratitude for steering ServNet through turbulent waters with such skill and confidence."

As Lelux reviewed the highlights of his term as president, he explained that his goals for the group were an outgrowth of a landmark client advisory meeting that was held in the summer of 2007.

"As a result of our discussions with twenty-two customers who met with us, ServNet's board of directors formulated a long-term strategy that reflected our pledge to provide the very best in auction service to our customers," explained Lelux. "A critical part of that strategy was a new organizational plan that would facilitate giving our customers what they wanted most: better communication, more joint marketing initiatives and standardized service."

One of Lelux's first steps in meeting this goal was engaging TPC Management Company to provide ServNet with a full-time executive and administrative staff, headed by Pierre Pons serving as ServNet's Chief Executive Officer.

Lelux and Pons worked together to develop a highly successful forum for enhanced communications with the national remarketers during Lelux's first year in office. A series of four "Meet the Owners" events were held in 2008, in Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit.

"We designed these meetings not only to showcase the capabilities of the ServNet member auctions, but to forge stronger relationships and facilitate communication between the owners and consignors," explained Lelux. "These events connected the national remarketers directly with the auction owners, and evolved into the 'Know the Owners' meetings held in 2009."

In additional to the organizational changes, Lelux focused on expanding ServNet's geographic footprint, and spent a great deal of time and attention on identifying potential members in order to increase the number of auctions participating in ServNet. During his term, six auctions were added to the group: Pittsburgh Independent Auto Auction in Pennsylvania, BSC America's Bel Air and Tallahassee Auto Auctions in Maryland and Florida, Mid-State Auto Auction in Minnesota, Dealers Auto Auction of the Rockies in Colorado, and Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest in Arizona.

With auction presence in major markets across the country, Lelux reports that ServNet has also developed the capability to provide analytical reporting for national accounts, utilizing the data contributed by its member auctions to AuctionPipeline. He notes that ServNet has worked with a number of remarketers over the past two years to produce custom reports that identify regional sales patterns and comparative data analysis.

"Analytics and statistical analysis have become an increasingly important factor in today's comprehensive remarketing programs," said Lelux. "With all ServNet auctions contributing data to a single technology platform (AuctionPipeline), ServNet is able to provide its customers with market data for all regions, nationwide."

Lelux indicated that all ServNet auctions contribute data to AuctionPipeline, whether or not they participate on the AuctionPipeline Web interface.

"Since its founding in 1988, ServNet auctions have shown a progressive spirit that has put ServNet 'in front of the curve' when it comes to innovative ideas and practices," said Lelux. "It has been my honor to work with the auction owners during my term of service as president to help ServNet evolve in both scope and breadth. As we look forward, I believe that the work begun over the past two years will enable ServNet to continue to stand at the forefront of the industry as a network of the nation's top auctions, setting standards for best practices, building effective partnerships and facilitating a level of communication that benefits both the member auctions and consignors from coast to coast."