SALT LAKE CITY - Raymond C. Nichols, Chairman of BSC America, the parent company of Bel Air Auto Auction and Tallahassee Auto Auction, will serve on the AutoIMS board of directors. He follows Ty Brewer of the Brasher Auction Group as ServNet's representative on the AutoIMS board.

Nichols is no stranger to the activities of AutoIMS and its parent company, AASC, having served as one of the original directors of the board when the company was formed. Along with Stuart Frankenthal, Larry Brasher, Larry Reese, Darrel Ceccoli and Jim Hallet, Nichols was instrumental in conceptualizing and planning the strategy for the launch of the information technology company at its founding in the late 1990's.

"I was privileged to work with an outstanding group of industry leaders--visionaries really--to lay the foundation for AutoIMS," notes Nichols. "The group explored the need for a unified platform, and looked for a way to provide that to the auctions and their customers. As Darrel Ceccoli was fond of saying, the industry needed to operate more like 'a single-gauge railroad' and pull together and leap into the 21st century with the internet technology that would allow us to work faster, more accurately and more efficiently."

"It's exciting to return to the board with the realization that AutoIMS has indeed become the industry standard that we had envisioned ten years ago," Nichols said. "I'm looking forward to working with the other members of the board as we look to the future of our business, developing exciting innovations that will continue to strengthen the auctions' relationships with their customers."

Auto IMS is owned jointly by ServNet, Manheim, ADESA and the independent auctions. After 10 years of connecting data from over 300-plus physical auctions with the data bases of over 1000 commercial clients, AutoIMS is a leader in information technology for the automotive industry. Processing over 4M sold vehicle records annually, AutoIMS provides data analysis tools to identify, benchmark, and streamline logistical processes. The AutoIMS suite of products includes: Live Reports, LivePricing, RecoveryIMS, Condition Report Archive Services, LiveCRwriter, and EDI.