SAN FRANCISCO - Linda Silverstein of Ford Motor Company was inducted into the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) Hall of Fame at the Presidential Gala on Oct. 1, during the association’s annual conference in San Francisco. Silverstein is the general manager, remarketing and rental operations for Ford. The award was presented by John Brasher of Brasher’s Auto Auctions.

“Linda is tremendously well-respected throughout the industry, held in high regard by the auctions and her co-workers alike,” said Brasher in making the presentation. “She has guided Ford’s Remarketing and Rental Department through the turbulence experienced by auto industry over the past year, and is working through those challenges with poise and class. We’re all privileged to associate with her, appreciate her friendship and admire her tireless efforts on behalf Ford Motor Company.”

Silverstein has been responsible for Ford Motor Company vehicle remarketing since Oct. 1, 2002. In May 2005, her responsibilities expanded to include certified pre-owned vehicles, and in January 2007, rental operations were added. She works with 56 NAAA auctions in North America.

Silverstein joined the Ford Motor Company in 1982 as an analyst in Ford Division’s Detroit District Sales Office. During her six years in the Detroit office she held various positions including truck merchandising manager, market representation manager, distribution manager, and field manager.

Silverstein has held a variety of marketing and sales positions at Ford Division and Lincoln Mercury Division in Atlanta, Detroit, and San Francisco. She also held several staff positions, including work in dealer communications, advertising, and cross-vehicle line strategy. Additionally, she has worked outside of the company’s marketing divisions, including the sales operations controller’s office and in the strategy and advanced planning office in product development.

Silverstein was named Auction Department Manager in Oct. 2001. Prior, Silverstein was the head of automotive remarketing services where she had the opportunity to start a new business venture for the Ford Motor Company. Her team offered the company’s remarketing capabilities to external customers. Today, automotive remarketing services is fully integrated into Vehicle Remarketing.

Silverstein joined the Ford Motor Company in 1982 directly from Babson College in Massachusetts, where she earned an MBA. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts in 1980.

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