TROY, MI – SmartAuction recently recorded another historical milestone with its 3 millionth upstream used vehicle sale only days after unveiling the future of its industry leading, wholesale remarketing auction Web site.

“We marked our 2 millionth online sale just over two years ago and continue to gain momentum as more and more dealers and consignors see the benefits of upstream remarketing,” said SmartAuction Managing Director Mark Newman.

SmartAuction launched its new online auction platform in mid-August containing several major enhancements and additional functionality for the end user. The integration of a new state-of-the-art technology platform was the most significant upgrade in SmartAuction’s history.

“We have had a great response from our users on the new functionality, especially the ability to compare vehicle details side-by-side and also purchase many vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Newman. “We plan to deliver additional design enhancements based on the immediate dealer feedback we are receiving as we strive to enhance the value to our customers.”

The significant technology infusion recently made in SmartAuction is directly aimed at its expanding consignor base providing easier integration of their inventory regardless of size or brand affiliation. A more intuitive SmartAuction brings the ability to customize the site to address their specific remarketing needs.

“SmartAuction has filled a need within the industry since its inception,” said Newman. “We are enjoying a record year with more than 1,500 new dealer registrations and continued growth and diversification within our consignor base. At this point we believe that 3 million online transactions is only the start.”