DETROIT — Mark Mathews, General Motors' director of used-vehicles activities, will retiree from GM Oct. 31. According to the manufacturer, he elected to take an early retirement package.

Mathews has worked with GM since 1979 on the Finance staff and moved to the GM Treasury staff in New York in 1982. He returned to Detroit in 1983, eventually transitioning to the GM Comptroller staff. He joined the Automotive Components Group (ACG) in 1988, and moved to Germany in 1991 where he was Finance Director over the ACG's Packard Electric European operations.

In 1995, Mathews moved to California as GM's senior executive at the joint venture between GM and Toyota in Fremont California. In 2003, he again moved back to Detroit as Director of Operations in the GM Motors Holdings organization. On April 1, 2007, Mark became Director of Used Vehicles Activities, and in November 2008, he added the responsibilities of selling vehicles to the rental accounts.

At this time, there is no decision on a replacement for Mathews.