SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Tweet much? Posted your status lately? Checked your wall? Followed a blog? If you have, you’re part of the world of Social Networking, which continues to climb in popularity throughout the world. A recent study by eMarketer ( found that worldwide, 62.5 percent of active Internet users aged 16-54 have a social network profile.

It's difficult to quantify how effective the growing social networking trend is for businesses, but Brasher's Auto Auctions has recently decided it’s time to find out.

"Ours is a business of relationships. The loyal customers who enter our doors know that Brasher's Auto Auctions are unique in that we make strong relationships with our customer our No. 1 priority,” notes Ben Brasher, Web director for Brasher’s Auto Auction. “Getting involved in the various social networks gives us a chance develop relationships with our online buyers as well, many of whom may never set foot in our lanes. This will allow us to connect with both our online and in-lane buyers in a different, more personal, way."

Brasher's recently launched an online promotion designed to connect with its base of internet users, rewarding those who sign up with the chance to win one of ten iPods.

According to Brasher, this is just the beginning: "Social networking is so much more than a passing fad. We're just scratching the surface here. I'm confident that, as we get further along, we will discover new and improved ways to connect with our customers and further enhance our business.”

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