TROY, MI – SmartAuction announced the launch of its new online auction platform which is designed to enhance the user experience of its industry leading upstream remarketing Web site for wholesale vehicles.

The new SmartAuction Web site contains dozens of user upgrades based on a state-of-the-art technology platform and supports SmartAuction’s ongoing efforts to grow and diversify its customer base.

“SmartAuction has received a significant technology infusion with the launch of our new platform,” said SmartAuction Managing Director Mark Newman. “Consignors will appreciate the easier integration of their inventory regardless of size or brand affiliation. Our experienced dealers and buyers will find SmartAuction more intuitive in its design and also appreciate the ability to customize the site to address their specific remarketing needs.”

SmartAuction users can now compare up to five vehicles in a single view, thereby accelerating the process for finding vehicles they need. Dealers will also have opportunities to purchase vehicles outside of traditional auction hours and on weekends. A more integrated management of data behind the scenes has also eliminated the need for pop-up windows and stacked data screens in favor of integrated listings of such items as vehicle attributes and inspection reports.

Users will be able to customize preferences for how they work with the online tool. For example, dealerships can tailor SmartAuction to more efficiently meet the needs of specific dealership employees, such as the finance and insurance manager, controller or used car manager.

The new SmartAuction platform builds on several upgrades made earlier this year:

  • QuickTurn powered by FirstLook, an integrated inventory management system, is now available exclusively for SmartAuction users.

  • Virtual Showroom, a unique vehicle inventory view developed for use with retail customers, is now offered free of charge.

  • Experian Automotive’s AutoCheck now provides a vehicle history filter for major discrepancies in an auction listing free of charge.

  • Transportation services have been expanded to include convenient buyer options for using any of three national providers: AutoTransMart, Ready Auto Transport and McNutt Auto Transport Service.

    The SmartAuction team has been working with its buyers and consignors for several weeks to provide the training necessary to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform. Our personnel have conducted onsite training for large fleet managers, met one-on-one with numerous dealers, and conducted distance learning broadcasts via the Web as necessary. The team is ready to assist users with the new site and take input to make the new platform even better.

    “Not only is SmartAuction well suited to keep pace with the remarketing needs of a changing automotive industry,” said Newman, “we believe it is positioned to continue to set the direction for how online remarketing moves forward.”