WAVERLY, NY – State Line Auto auction is “on the move” says Jeff Barber, auction owner and president.

“Only in Waverly, New York can you find the ‘world’s fastest barn,’ ” Barber boasts, explaining that “Uncle Frank’s barn”, long a fixture on State Line’s lot, had to be moved to make way for some auction improvements.

Traversing the main auction lot on July 8, Uncle Frank’s barn made the trip from the south end of the main lot to its new spot on the Auction’s northern boundary. On the way, the barn crossed a bridge on the property (making it look like a covered bridge), and made the cars it passed look like they were standing still (which, of course, they were).

Built in the 1800’s the barn was originally used as a shed where tobacco was dried and cured. In 1911, Ami Barber, Jeff’s great grandfather, moved to Waverly from Halsey Valley, New York and purchased the farm which now houses a large portion of State Line Auto Auction. Jeff’s great uncle, “Uncle Frank” lived on the farm for years. Jeff visited Uncle Frank often as a boy, and remembers the barn as a home for Uncle Frank’s dairy cows.

“It would have been easier to just knock the barn down,” said Barber ‘but it’s such a straight old barn, with mortise and tenon construction, that it seemed a terrible waste to destroy it. In its new spot we can utilize it for a number of things, and it stays ‘in the family!’”

“The barn gave us a great design for this year’s anniversary sale T-shirt,” added Jeff. “So now, it’s official: State Line Auto Auction is home of the ‘world’s fastest barn”!”

The word’s fastest barn, and State Line’s anniversary commemorative T-shirt, can be seen on sale days at the auction facility in Waverly, New York. The auction holds its weekly consignment sale on Fridays at 9:30 am, and a General Motors Factory sale on scheduled Thursdays at 10:00 am. A 2nd generation family-owned business, State Line Auto Auction has led the industry in connecting buyers and sellers since 1981.