SCHAUMBURG, IL - Union Leasing, based in Schaumburg, Illinois has announced a strategic alliance with Innovative Funding Services (IFS) to provide remarketing and financing for clients and employees of those clients who purchase their company fleet vehicles.

Union Leasing started serving commercial fleets 54 years ago. Over the years Union has focused on providing financial and fleet management services to all facets of the Commercial, Government and Rental Car industries. From the beginning Union has strived to provide their clients with the best customer service in the industry. When employees of their fleet clients wanted to purchase the off-lease vehicles, Union Leasing looked for assistance from Innovative Funding Services.

Mark Conroy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Union Leasing said, "Many finance companies and dealerships have tightened up their lending criteria, so some consumers are unable to obtain loans in our current environment. Fleet and leasing companies require solid, consistent programs to remarket their vehicles. Adding a new avenue for fleet drivers to acquire and fund their company vehicles makes total sense. Innovative Funding Services really aids us by providing quality loan programs for employees looking to purchase these fleet vehicles."

IFS makes the process of purchasing a vehicle at lease-end simple and efficient. IFS offers the best financing programs available and can include comprehensive vehicle service protection plans backed by AAA+ rated insurers. With the completion of one simple application, IFS works with national lending partners to ensure the best loan rate and terms are available to fit the driver's needs. In most cases, IFS will have a loan decision within 24 hours, fully financed with no down payment required. They also handle the title paperwork on behalf of the customer in all 50 states.

Union Leasing and IFS have designed a process that is almost seamless for the customer and provides a fresh, streamlined approach to fleet financing. Tim Janssen, President of IFS says, "Lessors have found our program incredibly valuable when remarketing their vehicles. Purchasers of Union Leasing vehicles want personal service, a convenient process and often 100% financing, all aspects of the program we provide."

An IFS Advisor works closely with every driver from beginning to conclusion of the transaction. State of the art technology facilitates an almost seamless transaction for its drivers. Everything can be done from the privacy of a driver's home or office. They even offer vehicle service contracts. IFS holds exceptionally high standards of personalized service. Establishing a relationship with every driver is of key importance.