TROY, MI – SmartAuction is enhancing service offerings for dealers and wholesalers by adding AutoTransMart to its list of transportation providers for vehicles purchased from its industry leading upstream remarketing Web site.

SmartAuction has designed a comprehensive and easy-to-use remarketing process by integrating third-party vendors into its Web site. These service providers complement SmartAuction with a tailored solution for the entire transaction experience including vehicle transportation, inventory management or other common services.

"We are very pleased to add AutoTransMart as a new transportation supplier to SmartAuction as we believe they have a compelling business model that will benefit SmartAuction customers,” said SmartAuction Managing Director Mark Newman.

AutoTransMart will offer registered SmartAuction users multiple ways to benefit from its services. Dealers can consider transportation costs up front and see the AutoTransMart Certified Price when determining which vehicles to buy. Then, AutoTransMart True Market Pricing saves dealers even more money by creating an environment where carriers are bidding their best price to win customer freight, helping drive true market pricing for dealers.

“With the power of the Internet, we created a marketplace for dealers and transporters to offer one another value – available freight from the dealer side and low-cost transport from the carrier side,” said AutoTransMart President Fred Domke. “We also make the process easy and safe with insurance and safety checks and a proprietary report for keeping track of all the dealer’s vehicle moves. It’s a win-win for all.”

SmartAuction also provides transportation options via Ready Auto Transport and McNutt Auto Transport Service. Both companies will continue to provide SmartAuction dealers with quality service while delivering vehicles quickly utilizing a large network of transporters. SmartAuction is not involved in price setting for these services, which are offered as a convenience outside of the online vehicle transaction.