PARIS, FRANCE – ING Car Lease France has outsourced the majority of its remarketing requirements to Manheim, the car and commercial vehicle auction house.

The French vehicle leasing arm of the ING Group has chosen Manheim to provide inspections and online auctions for approximately 6,000 cars and vans a year on its behalf.

This means that around 80 percent of the company’s remarketing requirements will be covered by Manheim.

Manheim Continental Europe’s MD Jonathan Holland said that the outsourcing of such a high proportion of a company’s total volume to a single remarketing provider was common in the UK, "where fleets utilise specialist companies to manage the majority of their remarketing processes", but "quite unusual in Continental Europe".

He added: "Supported by a dedicated sales team and white-labelled website, this is an efficient and well-proven method for a leasing company to manage and reduce costs whilst at the same time retaining control of residual values."

"I am confident that the example set by ING Car Lease France will be followed by other companies in the months to come," he said.