OAK BROOK, IL – Automotive dealers can now dynamically generate and publish custom descriptions for their vehicles advertised online using AutoWriter Technology, released by vAuto.

Today’s used-car market is extremely competitive and buyers are doing more online research than ever before. Therefore, it is imperative that the dealer’s online inventory makes the buyer’s short list. Research indicates that one of the top criteria for making this list is compelling descriptions. However, right now most dealers are challenged to write descriptions that generate click-throughs.

“Unlike any other product available today, vAuto’s AutoWriter is the only technology that doesn’t use repetitive templates but, rather, generates a unique and compelling description for each vehicle,” says Keith Jezek, the company’s president and CEO. “We are bringing to the industry the first logic engine with the ability to dynamically generate descriptions that capture the attention and imagination of online shoppers.”

vAuto’s AutoWriter Technology generates rich, persuasive descriptions for any car. In addition to generating sentences, it enables dealers to emphasize unique attributes of each of their cars, for example low mileage, high performance and fuel efficiency. The software also allows dealers the ability to customize their descriptions with specific phrases, phone numbers and dates.

Headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, IL., vAuto also maintains a research and development center in Austin, Texas. The company’s “Live Market View” technology currently allows its more than 2,000 dealers to manage their used-car inventories based on comprehensive supply-and-demand information mined by vAuto. Details on millions of pre-owned vehicles are maintained and updated on a daily basis within vAuto’s database.

The nation’s six highest-volume franchised dealerships by brand currently use vAuto pricing, appraisal and stocking systems, including Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Lincoln-Mercury and Toyota. Virtually every imported and domestic vehicle brand is represented on the company’s customer list.

Further information about vAuto is available at www.vauto.com The company’s chairman and founder, Dale Pollak maintains a blog for the discussion of used-car trends at www.dalepollak.com.