BOCA RATON, FL - Black Book announced it signed Bob Boyte Honda in Brandon, Miss., as its 3,000th customer for its Activator Automotive Web site product. The company thanked the dealership by sending them 3,000 candies in a crystal bowl.

“We’re thrilled with the acceptance of Activator and our ability to retain over 90 percent of the customers that have licensed it. We are equally excited that Bob Boyte Honda is a part of our celebration of our 3000th new customer,” said Mike McFall, president of Black Book’s Online Division. “They have a track record of selling automobiles using innovative techniques that keeps them at the top of their competitive set. So they’re the perfect dealership to join us in marking this milestone.”

Ryan Rousselo, internet manager at Bob Boyte Honda said he is very encouraged with the results he’s getting from Activator. “Because of this unique economy, dealerships need to identify every motivated, qualified shopper including those who are shopping on their Web sites. That’s what Activator helps us do. It captures customers we would not have known about otherwise. I am very pleased with the lead volume and sales we are achieving from Activator. ”