GAINESVILLE, GA - Overall, 12 of the 14 segments Black Book USA tracks in the truck and sport utility segments have gone up in value again, according to Ricky Beggs, Beggs on the Used Car Market. The only two segments not seeing an increase are full-size vans and full-size wagons, which only decreased an average of $25.

According to Beggs, that’s not a bad depreciation on those vehicle segments. The strongest increases were full size SUVs, which went up $166, and mid-size crossovers which went up $139.

Overall, the average of the 14 segments Black Book USA tracks has been up for 12 straight weeks. Currently, luxury sport/utilities have been up for 11 straight weeks, mid-size crossovers up for 13 straight weeks, and full-size SUVs and full-size pickups up for 14 straight weeks.