PHOENIX – The introduction of a new fleet of moving vans has resulted in U-Haul selling thousands of off-rental vehicles to the public. The targeted market is small-business owners looking for a vehicle that is reliable, affordable, and ready to go to work.

"The trucks that once moved America are now out of the rental market and are available to create value for businesses in need of carpeting trucks, roofing trucks and landscaping trucks - just about any aftermarket use you'd care to name," stated Brian O'Loughlin, director of U-Haul fleet sales.

The company plans to sell 13,000 moving vans between now and March 31, 2010. Now more than ever, it makes good economic sense to buy. Buyers benefit from the U-Haul sales philosophy, which is based on convenience and price. Units will be sold nationwide on a first-come, first-served basis.

"These moving vans represent a solid value," O'Loughlin noted. "U-Haul trucks feature lightweight, rust-resistant van bodies and were designed to securely hold and transport precious cargo."

All of these low-mileage cargo trucks feature low decks for easier loading and unloading. Furthermore, every U-Haul truck features a gentle-ride suspension, which is important to business owners who want to protect their goods while in transit.

"When you buy a truck from U-Haul," O'Loughlin said, "it's ready to go to work for you that day. You simply can't buy a better truck for the money."

The large size of the U-Haul fleet virtually assures that any customer in the market for a good off-rental truck can find the right vehicle to suit their needs.

"For-sale trucks are regularly displayed at more than 2,000 local U-Haul Truck Sales locations nationwide, so you can see exactly what you're getting," O'Loughlin said.

For a trouble-free buying experience, find the truck-sales location nearest you by calling (866) 404-0355 or by logging onto to see available inventory.