ATLANTA – Chase Auto Finance has been selling 10 times as many vehicles on Manheim’s in January than it did a year earlier. The first month the sales for 2009 equaled to 20 percent of Chase’s 2008 sales volume for all of 2008.

“About six months ago, we began working directly with the Manheim team on a new online sales strategy – and saw an immediate lift in our sales. And that has continued in recent months, thanks in part to Manheim’s understanding of our needs and desire to innovate," said Lynn G. Wolver, national remarketing manager for Chase Auto Finance.

Chase was a key factor in helping Manheim develop Manheim Mondays, a weekly online blockbuster sales event intended to give buyers more options on a normally slow day.

“Dealers like the Chase sale because it is a consistent event that offers a wide selection of competitively priced inventory. Along with our other national consignors, Chase is helping Manheim reach new territory in Online Event Sales," said Nick Peluso, Manheim senior vice president of customer management.