ATLANTA – Manheim will begin laying out companywide standards for electronic condition reports (ECRs) on March 9, and adopt a single arbitration policy for all vehicle inventory purchased both in-lane and online March 6.

In the past, the formatting and information contained in condition reports varied by consignor, as did arbitration policies. With the implementation of these new standards, the company will use its InSight ECR as the standard condition report for all consignors and will a consistent, national arbitration platform to all customers for both online and in-lane sales. Insight ECR uses AutoGrade, the grading scale of Manheim and the National Auto Auction Association, to eliminate subjectivity and errors.

“With more vehicles bought and sold online, it’s essential we provide our customers with consistent, streamlined standards and policies when they do business with us,” said Senior Vice President – Customer Management Nick Peluso.

Manheim believes it is important to drive these changes that ultimately will make buying and selling vehicles an easier, more efficient process for all of our customers. “That has been our philosophy for years,” said Peluso, “and it is why we are continually looking for ways to implement best practices.”

Benefits of applying Insight ECR to all vehicles sold through Manheim include:

Providing the same format/platform for every car and customer.

Providing full disclosure of conditions or damage that impacts the value of a vehicle and/or may require reconditioning for retail sale.

Including a list of equipment, options, accessories, and aftermarket items.

Requiring seven mandatory photos in addition to photos of any vehicle damage.

Creating a more efficient vehicle check-in process.

Including a more buyer-centric online vehicle display.

Additionally, to provide a consistent platform and streamline efforts for all customers, all cars at Manheim will be sold under Manheim’s National Arbitration Policy. In the past, there has been a separate arbitration for online and in-lane, but creating one policy will ensure clarity for all buyers. The policy will include three changes specifically for online purchases.

1.Sellers are required to accurately disclose vehicle condition and equipment to include any cosmetic defects.

2.Timeframe for buyers to arbitrate is two days from the date of receipt; not to exceed 10 days from date of purchase.

3.Buyers may arbitrate for an undisclosed cosmetic defects of more than $500.