ATLANTA - Auto Auction Services Corp. is pleased to announce the launch of, on Feb. 1.

The online application assigns, tracks, and manages repossessions. Recovery agents access repo assignments, communicate with clients and create condition reports and invoices online. Clients and agents benefit from streamlined communications and access to real-time data that flows uninterrupted between the recovery side and the auctions side. Also, reporting covers the full remarketing cycle.

“The new name emphasizes the connection with AutoIMS and its prime functionality as an inventory management system,” says Don Meadows, AASC president.

Improving user workflow is part of the development process at AASC. With input from customer service, the technical team restructured the Repossession interface to improve customer interaction.“ was born out of this effort to reduce clicks and also to improve the range of services AASC can offer to enhance the repo workflow experience,” says Venkat Krishnamoorthy, director of IT at AASC.

Login is easier; navigation more intuitive. New graphics reflect an updated sensibility which goes hand-in-hand with the user-friendly approach. A new one-stop navigation panel on the left provides quick access to repossession processes and communications. The “back button” has been eliminated. Along those lines, the “Search” criteria section is now on every page in the header area helping users process quickly throughout the entire site. Looking up a vehicle is at your fingertips; searches for vehicle groups are painless.

Phase II will contain add-on services that will provide enhanced transaction based services to the repo agents. E.g. A repo agent who now has multiple logins for different AASC consignors can request the logins to be combined into one single login.

Agents will notice a sharp difference between RecoveryIMS and LiveRepos. Clients benefit indirectly since the agents can now process information faster on Anything that saves time on is a benefit for the repo client with faster turnaround.