IRVINE, CAKelley Blue Book,, is now publishing its used-vehicle values weekly via its Web-based product KarPower Online.

Prior to this week, only the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Values were updated weekly, while other values were published in the Kelley Blue Book Official Guide every other month. The Blue Book Official Guide also has an updated publishing schedule with its frequency moving from every other month to monthly. Blue Book Official Guide customers received their first monthly edition in November 2008.

In additon, Kelley Blue Book has added an Auction Value, which is what a used vehicle is expected to sell for at a wholesale auction. An additional change includes a name change for the company’s Wholesale Value, a long-standing benchmark for automotive lending, which is now the Wholesale Lending Value.

The Wholesale Lending Value will be updated weekly reflecting the value of a vehicle that has been fully reconditioned, inspected, and is frontline ready. Finance companies can now use Kelley Blue Book’s Wholesale Lending Value without any additional calculation to mitigate risk and better manage lending portfolios.

Dealers, manufacturers, finance companies, and others in the automotive industry can access all of Kelley Blue Book’s weekly values through a paid subscription to the company’s Internet-based valuation system, KARPOWER Online (, through syndication or via the company’s service provider RouteOne, and others.