FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – AutoUSA has launched a used-car inventory pay-per-lead program for dealerships. The new dealer-friendly program, successfully piloted by AutoNation, lets dealers post their used-vehicle inventory at top automotive sites, such as AOL Autos,,,,, and AutoUSA’s used-car Web site,

AutoUSA is offering the inventory marketing and lead generation service with a pay-for-performance pricing plan, in which dealers only pay for the leads they receive each month.

“Our focus has always been providing dealers with the highest quality Internet leads. With the current economy, the simple fact is that more consumers are considering used vehicle purchases,” said Phil DuPree, president of AutoUSA. “We are committed to supporting our clients in every area that we can. Providing a pay-for-performance used car inventory marketing program greatly enhances their chance to sell more used cars, and at a low cost per sale.”

Dealers who sign up for the program will have their used-vehicle inventory appearing online within a week. Used-car inventory data will be pulled through the dealership’s existing inventory polling partners, such as Dealer Specialties, DMI, HomeNet, etc., and can include new vehicle inventory if the data is also available.

With the program’s pay-for-lead pricing structure, dealers only pay for the leads they receive each month, compared to other inventory marketing services that charge expensive monthly fees whether the dealer receives any leads or not. And, there are no long-term contract commitments. Dealers can opt out of the program at any time with a 30-day notice.