CARMEL, IN – AutoVIN, a subsidiary of ADESA, has introduced Mitchell Pricing as part of its innovative vehicle inspection software offerings.

Now, AutoVIN vehicle inspectors have instant access to up-to-date Mitchell collision repair pricing when evaluating vehicles.

“Clients can now get a clear picture of a vehicle without being present for the inspection,” said Darren Shipp, vice president of software development, AutoVIN. “Mitchell International, a leader in the collision repair industry, provides a staggering amount of data for this application, making the AutoVIN inspection results even more robust.”

With Mitchell pricing now seamlessly ported into the AutoVIN vehicle inspection software, AutoVIN inspectors can consistently pick the correct part for the unit being inspected. A comprehensive list of the repair parts are even uploaded for the specific vehicle being inspected — increasing both speed and accuracy in the inspection process. This part detail is also completely scalable by client.

Another new feature is the ability to narrow parts to the specific area being inspected. For example, when the inspector is reviewing a vehicle’s fender, only fender parts for that specific vehicle — including year, make, and model — are allowed to be selected for printing.