PLAINFIELD, IN – Certified Custom Vehicles is increasing dealers’ gross profits and manufacturers’ remarketing values through the development and sale of customized pre-owned vehicles, the company said. It utilizes high-quality suppliers to provide state-of-the-art technology upgrades, such as iPod/MP3 integration, navigation, Bluetooth, DVD systems, and sleek appearance and performance upgrades, including body kits, custom wheels, tires, window tint, cold air intakes, and performance exhausts.

“Certified Custom Vehicles builds cars, trucks, and SUVs that are showroom ready,” said Michael Schwartz, president, Certified Custom Vehicles. “In addition to offering ready-made front line vehicles, we also provide custom packages for dealers to match the latest market trends. We can take a pre-owned base model Mustang, add a body kit, custom wheels, rear wing, Bluetooth capability, and iPod control to create a vehicle that absolutely pops on the dealer lot — all at a very affordable price. Dealers continually tell us these vehicles sell twice as fast as stock vehicles.”

Dealers can purchase Certified Custom Vehicles three ways:

•Upgrade with an accessory package at auction: For cars, trucks, and SUVs purchased at the auction, upgrades are available on-the-spot to enhance styling, performance, and electronics.

•Buy a vehicle at auction: Already-customized vehicles are available for purchase each month on ADESA DealerBlock and at ADESA Indianapolis.

•Call Certified Custom Vehicles direct and order a vehicle with a custom package of choice.

According to Schwartz, auto manufacturers can also gain significant increases in resale value from Certified Custom Vehicles. “We handle the entire process of upgrading their off-rent or off-lease vehicle to meet the latest market trends as they await sale at auction,” he said. “This provides a better choice of vehicles at auction for dealers and ultimately better resale value for the manufacturer.”

For more information, including details on custom vehicles and accessory packages available for dealers, visit or call 317-838-7881.