DES PLAINES, IL – Wheels, Inc., has selected Innovative Funding Services (IFS) to assist them in financing some of the 60,000 vehicles they remarket every year.

“What stands out most about IFS is the exceptional level of service they provide to our customers. The way they approach their business very much fits with the culture and philosophy of Wheels,” said Assistant Vice President of Vehicle Remarketing, Darrin Aiken. “We consistently receive excellent feedback on IFS from our customers and we look forward to continuing to build our partnership.”

IFS provides a high level of customer service to Wheels customers who are calling to finance purchases through the WheelsDirect program. Their services also include preparing the title work and all related documentation, saving customer’s valuable time during the purchase transaction.

Tim Janssen, president of IFS said, “The Wheels, Inc. relationship reaffirms the value IFS can provide to lessors when remarketing their vehicles. Purchasers of these vehicles look for personal service, a convenient process and often 100% financing, all aspects of the program we provide. The industry wants a cutting edge approach to fleet financing and that’s what IFS offers the industry. Technology moves quickly so we work to stay ahead of the curve and continually improve our processes and keep customer service at optimal levels.”

IFS offers one-stop shopping for fleet and remarketing clients and partners with top-ranking national lenders to give customers exceptional financing options. Wheels’ customers have shared that often these are the best deals in the market. The IFS financing process is virtually seamless for the customer and provides a fresh, streamlined approach to fleet financing. Additionally, IFS also provides commercial loans too.