ATLANTA – Weekly site visits to are up by 17 percent since January of this year for a total of 800,000 visits per week to the site.

Sue Boehlke, senior vice president of Manheim Enterprise Solutions, said the skyrocketing increase in activity illustrates how Manheim is changing to meet the demands of its customers. With Manheim’s dealer and national consignor customers becoming increasingly comfortable doing business online, Manheim has focused on continual improvement of their online customer experience.

For example, recent enhancements to have all centered on improving dealers’ ability to quickly and efficiently find the vehicles and information they need. The site now includes features that bring a more customized experience to each user with a new personal homepage called My Manheim. This page automatically serves up all the information that each individual customer needs most, including saved searches, pre-sale inventory information, and quick links to sales channels such as and Manheim Simulcast.

For registered users of myAccount, a site feature that allows Manheim customers to view outstanding balances and pay bills online, the My Manheim personal homepage also automatically shows Manheim account balances, MAFS credit information, title and arbitration notifications, and links to online bill pay.

Boehlke said the goal is to provide a more intuitive online experience for customers and to recognize their individual buying preferences in order to make their time online as efficient as possible.

In addition to improvements made to, Manheim’s focus on providing customers with the best possible online experience has also led to enhancements to, the company’s 24/7 online wholesale marketplace, and Manheim Simulcast, the company’s LIVE online marketplace. Both have experienced growth this year with on track to realize 100 percent growth in transactional volume and participation in Manheim Simulcast events up more than 50 percent over last year’s record levels.