LAS VEGAS - Auto dealer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Denny Hecker has been announced as the keynote speaker for the 2009 CAR conference on Feb. 25-26 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Hecker combined sales experience with street smarts and a keen vision to build a multi-billion dollar empire. In 1971, he landed his first job at an auto dealership. In the mid-80’s, he owned and ran his own dealership. But that first dealership ultimately folded. Hecker took the lessons he’d learned and forged ahead.

After partnering with Walter Bush, founder of the North Stars, the Walden Automotive Group was formed. For their first acquisition, they purchased the Minnesota Auto Auction. Within three years he’d raised sales from 15,000 cars a year to 70,000. He sold the auction and used the influx of capital to purchase dealerships as well as corporate fleets. By combining retail, leasing and corporate sales into one organization, the Walden group ensured maximum profitability.

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