MT. ARLINGTON, N.J. – Layne Weber, president of the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance (IARA), has announces that the complete set of 20 courses of the IARA’s Certified Automotive Remarketer (CAR) Program have been completed.

“These courses represent the culmination of close to two years of work by dedicated industry volunteers seeking to provide the industry’s premier educational and certification program,” said Weber.

According to Matt Marks, the IARA’s executive director, there are currently 18 people enrolled in the program. The 20 courses concentrate in five major areas of remarketing; Remarketing Channels; Pre-Sale Activities; Actual Vehicle Sales; Post Sale Activities; and Legal/Ethics/Terminology. A summary description of the courses and the Certification Program can be viewed by logging onto the IARA Web site at

The courses are available for education only without testing, or with testing as part of the CAR Certification Program. The courses cost $50 each for IARA members and $100 each for nonmembers. There may be a testing fee of $195 for each test session that is conducted by an outside third party. Marks said that no-cost testing has been available at most remarketing industry conferences.

For more information, visit IARA’s Web site at , e-mail Matt Marks at

, or call IARA at (973) 398-2774.