DALLAS - CyberCalc, a provider of interactive lease evaluation programs, has recently begun to benchmark its CyberCalc Arbitrage pre-owned lease identification software on Black Book’s Daily vehicle valuations.

“Dealers are facing increasing pressure from all sides,” said Jeff Cook, president of CyberCalc. “In addition to consumers putting off major purchases due to the struggling economy, dealers are watching the value of their inventories, especially trucks and SUVs, drop on an almost daily basis. We have been involved with used vehicle leasing for nearly a decade, and have recently introduced a new tool, called CyberCalc Arbitrage, that identifies used vehicles whose wholesale values have fallen to a level that makes them especially attractive as leases. This results in very affordable monthly payments and an opportunity for much better than average gross profits. Additionally, by offering two- to three-year leases, the trade cycle has been dramatically shortened. Dealers can now sell the same customer two or more vehicles in the same timeframe a typical long-term sale contract would allow him to sell just one.”