MT. ARLINGTON, N.J. - Diane Barton, vice president of customer experience at Manheim Auto Auctions in Atlanta , will be presented with IARA’s 2008 Remarketing Industry Recognition Award at the IARA's Annual Summer Roundtable Meeting in Dallas, on August 19-20, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

She is being recognized for successfully guiding Manheim’s charity of choice “Heart to Hearts” to where it has generated millions of dollars to support the Michael P. Fisher Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Sibley Heart Center. This unit is one of the country’s only CICU’s designed exclusively to treat children.

Barton devotes her time, talent, and creativity to organize fundraising events that provide money to contribute to the pediatric CICU in addition to donations from Manheim itself.

According to IARA, she very excited to learn she was chosen for this award and she is very thankful for any additional publicity that may result in benefitting children requiring treatment at the CICU in Atlanta.

Barton has been employed by Manheim for 21 years, which includes Cox (the parent firm) before she joined the Manheim Auctions division. She has held various positions including director of marketing and VP of customer relations with responsibility for Manheim’s relationship with Ford.

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