KELOWNA, BC – Auctions International Inc., a technology company that owns and markets proprietary software that enables real-time online auctions of virtually any commodity in the wholesale market, has broadened its alliance with NXGen, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NXGen Holdings, Inc. NXGen, Inc. is an emerging data solutions provider that integrates GPS technology and asset location services for the public, corporate, and government sectors.

Auctions International has teamed with NXGen to bundle NXGen’s GPS vehicle tracking technology solution with each vehicle traded on, according to

The NXGen Business Solution converges wireless communications (GSM) and the Internet with global positioning (GPS/GPRS) technology, enabling end-to-end mobile asset and vehicle location and monitoring solutions. NXGen also combines real-time GPS positioning and wireless communications systems to deliver precise, time-critical mobile asset status, and history information for increased security, greater loss control, and fleet logistics services.